Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Why yahoo defers mail delivery – FindNewPassion.com story


As a member of the sophisticated married dating service FindNewPassion.com, you will have an avenue to find extra-marital affairs every now and then. A marriage that has gone stale, sexless, and loveless will push a person to look for something more adventurous. For married dating, FindNewPassion.com is perhaps the best option today.

Due to the growing popularity of married dating which is based on the rising number of folks in difficult marriages as well as the rapid growth of site, more and more members of FindNewPassion.com have been able to enjoy new connections.

What sets FindNewPassion.com apart

There are a lot of websites that claim to provide you with a way to connect to other married folks who may be unhappy with what’s happening with their marriage. While this is true to a degree, you may not be getting what you want.

There are websites that simply provide disgruntled husbands and desperate housewives an avenue to vend and find quick band-aid solutions to their unhappiness. If you are someone that really wants to communicate to a deeper level, then you won’t be able to find the people that you want on these websites.

At FindNewPassion.com, you will be able to start exciting affairs with those who are in no rush. Discreet online dating will actually be discreet. You won’t have to worry about desperate people suddenly threatening to expose your relationship because you aren’t moving to the fast pace that they want.

As someone who is in a marriage, you understand how tough it is to find someone you can connect with. You have to be compatible not only with the other person’s personality and interests but meet necessities of the physical connection and preferences as well. Learning about a potential partner requires time to understand and feel if people are actually compatible. It’s much more important than just having the same goal of being interested in extra-marital relationships.

Email issues with Yahoo

As the result of featured articles being published on two major dating reviews websites, FindNewPassion.com has been experiencing a spike of incoming traffic to site and high users’ conversion rate. It is great news as now members will be able to find new people with shared interests a lot easier. This very positive status somehow resulted in a very negative situation for Yahoo and Aol users.

Members of FindNewPassion.com who have accounts with Yahoo and Aol, have been experiencing and reporting long delays of email delivery or mail not being delivered at all. Despite numerous requests to Yahoo’s support team, site has been informed that mail is being “temporarily deferred due to user complaints.” Even-though there are no user complaints, and mail is delayed due to spike of traffic only, issue still persists.

To ensure prompt delivery of communication from site’s members and special announcements and promotions from site’s admin, please add admin@findnewpassion.com to your safe list:

Here is a step-by-step way to white list the emails:

1. Hover your cursor over to the Settings menu icon and click on Settings
2. Click Filters -> Add
3. You will be required to enter a filter name, so chose and type a name (Example: FindNewPassion)
4. Enter the domain of the email on the Send field: FindNewPassion.com
5. Select Inbox or the folder of your choice where you want the email to arrive
6. Click Save on all the changes that you’ve made

If you are still having issues, consider using a different email provider to avoid any dilemmas with emails not arriving in the future.

Are you wondering why you’re missing emails from FindNewPassion.com? Our sophisticated married dating service users have been having issues with YahooMail. Here’s what you can do.