Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Review Of Wix: Is This The Best Website Builder?


If you don’t want to hire a web developer to create your website, the next and probably the only alternative is a website builder. There are a bunch of choices out there, and in this post, we will talk about Wix to know if this is the best all-around DIY website builder.

A quick take

Wix has over a 100 million users, which is a fact that cannot be ignored. It is used in around 190 countries, and Wix is touted as the website builder for everyone, with the right tools and features in place. Wix offers around 500+ templates, and it does cover a bunch of industries, which probably tells a lot about its popularity.

The pros

For starters, the templates that are available on Wix are pretty easy to use and have a good range of design options. There are also many choices as far redesigning and customizing are concerned. It offers drag-and-drop features, which means you don’t have to know anything about coding. There are is no need to download any extra software, and yes, Wix brings what is known ‘Artificial Design Intelligence’, which is like having a design assistant. If you have existing websites, Wix will also take in design inputs from there.

Wix is also a great choice if you want to design an ecommerce website. From simple things like Google maps integration to email subscriptions and more, there are many advantages of using Wix. You can also accept PayPal and credit card payments. For the uninitiated, Wix is also mobile friendly, so your website is responsive from day one.

The cons

Wix doesn’t offer an email account for free, which is a kind of bummer, given that they have added so many free things already. Wix also doesn’t bring unlimited storage, which is offered some of the competitors. Even the most expensive plan caps storage at just 20 GB.

Final word

Wix remains one of the best options for building a website, and even if you choose the cheapest plan, you won’t be disappointed. What probably could have been better is the storage. As far as templates and features are concerned, this is your ideal call, and all sorts of ecommerce and business websites can be designed easily. Wix doesn’t compromise in terms of support and technical assistance, and we didn’t find any lag in reaching the customer care.

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