Thursday, May 23, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About The Types of TV Wall Mounts


So, you are planning to mount your TV on the wall which is of course a great idea to save some space and to make it look appealing. Going all DIY on it may seem like a taxing task at first, but mounting a TV isn’t that hard at all. The very first thing you should focus on is getting TV wall mounts at It begins with choosing the right kind of wall mount, factors to consider when shopping for the perfect mount. The main factors to keep in mind when selecting the perfect wall mount for your home is the material your home walls are made of, your TV specifications and the various types of mount types you will be picking from. Let’s begin with the type of wall mounts.

  1. Flat TV wall mounts

These TV mounts are very common and their advantage is that the TV is very close to the wall, around 2 inches max. They cannot be tilted up and down. The TV set is parallel to the wall at all times. Their major drawback is that once the TV is mounted up the wall, it is very difficult to plug any new cables to the back of the TV as the TV is too close to the walls. If it is such a case, and you want to dismount the TV, plug in the new cables and mount the TV again. The cost of this TV mount may differ depending on the size of your TV. These are universal mounts and you can select a range that fits various other different TV sizes. They are usually available for TV sizes like 32in to 42in, 37in to 55in or 37in to 60in. These flat TV mounts are usually not recommended by the experts.

  1. Tilting TV Wall Mounts.

These TV mounts can be adjusted 12 to 15 degrees up or down in case if there is a glare on the TV or when you need to plug in any new cables to the back of the TV. These TV mounts may need more space as a result they can extend themselves up to 2 to 3 inches from the wall. Tiling wall mounts are available for TV sizes of 32″-42″, 37″-55″ or 37″-60″. The cost of these TV mounts also depends on the size of your TV. These TV mounds are recommended by the experts as they are quite versatile and do not add stress on the wall.

  1. Articulating, Swivel or Full Motion TV wall Mounts.

These TV mounts are meant to be adjusted to turn to the left and / or to the right, it can be tilted 12 to 15 degrees up or down and they can be extended to 20 to 25 inches from the wall. Swivel TV mounts are ideal for corner installation or when you are sitting to the right or left of your television. Articulating TV mounts add to the stress on the wall and hence you must secure them on wall studs. These TV mounts are also much harder to install, they have a lot more adjustments so it is highly recommended to be installed by the professionals. Articulating TV mounts are available for the TV sizes of 32″-42″, 37″-55″ or 37″-60”. Articulating TV mounts may need longer cables as they can swivel up to 180 degrees.