Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Effective Ways to Improve Homepage of Your Website


Your homepage can be considered as the most important part of your website. This is the page that welcomes your visitors. It is your make or break page, so you must pay close attention to every detail. This can either entice the visitors to stay and explore or this can make them leave and run away from your site. And I’m pretty sure you don’t prefer the latter. Thus, it is important that you spend time to continuously improve your homepage.

Here are some effective ways to help you make your website’s homepage better.

  1. Choose an appropriate template – you do not necessarily need to hire expensive web developers or designers to help you with your website. You can use Sitebeat ID website builder tool to set up your site. There are different templates to choose from and the best part is that each template is customisable so you can make it your own. You can easily drag and drop your content – no need to deal with confusing codes.
  2. Make it look neat and simple – you do not want to overwhelm your visitors with a busy-looking homepage. You should achieve a neat and simple look for your website. You should decide the focal point of your page so your users can focus their attention on this part. You do not want to confuse them because the tendency is that they might just close the browser entirely.
  3. Avoid long paragraphs – another thing to avoid is the use of long paragraphs. Sure, you want to introduce your brand and what you do but do not spill everything on your homepage – you have the About Us and FAQ sections for this. Too many words and less spaces can be very difficult to look at.
  4. Catch their attention with statements – instead of long paragraphs, what you should do is get their attention with catchy phrases or statements. You only have less than 30 seconds to capture the attention of your readers so surely, long paragraphs won’t work.
  5. Avoid using heavy graphics or videos – the use of graphics can capture users’ attention however; a wrong choice of image can easily break you. Also, the use of large images and videos can make the page load slower and this is another thing that users dislike the most. So, go easy with images on your homepage as much as possible.
  6. Ensure easy navigation – most users are simple minded. They want to easily see where to go next thus you should ensure that your website’s navigation is easily located. It’s always better if they can check out a certain page when they want.
  7. Make your CTA stand out – you should make your CTA (call to action) button stand out. What do you want your users to do after reaching the homepage – where do you want them to go next? Do you want them to sign-up, go to the sales page? Then, use a clear and formidable CTA that they will not miss to click.
  8. Make it responsive – lastly, you should make sure that the homepage and the entire site is responsive whether the user is using mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

The first impression of visitors largely depends on your homepage. You should make sure to explain what your site is about, what they should expect all without overwhelming them. Follow the tips that we discussed here to create a promising homepage that will bring success to your site.