Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Comparison Between ASP.NET And PHP Language


ASP.NET and PHP are both important web programming languages. It becomes a tricky decision which one of these programming languages should be chosen. To simply your decision-making process, we are presenting before you a comparison between PHP and ASP.NET language. Understanding the differences, pros and cons of each of these languages will help you arrive at the right decision.

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is a server-side open-source web development technology that is capable of developing complex web apps. Unlike PHP, it is not a programming language, but a ‘framework’, that is a kind of programming methodology.

ASP.NET supports .NET language as a component of its workflow. Frameworks are libraries of code comprising of specific objectives. ASP.NET runs on Windows OS. Though you can even get this framework on UNIX-based systems like macOS and Linux, but it does not work smoothly.

Key features of ASP.NET:

Following are the features of ASP.NET language:

  • Windows based framework
  • Allows .net developers to develop web forms, put dynamic websites together and create APIs,
  • Need use of the Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Delivers high performance
  • Completely open-source

About PHP

PHP is a web programming language that is available as open-source on the web. It offers a myriad of applications, one of them being web development. It is a server-side tool that enables one to form dynamic web apps such as forums, login pages, and surveys.

For PHP language to work, it is important for you to set up an interpreter on a server. Unlike ASP.NET language, it is purely cross-platform, with no limitations to which kind of server you use the language on. To use this language, you will need to embed the PHP into the HTML. This requires a person to have a fundamental knowledge of HTML.

Key features of PHP language

Following are the features of PHP language:

  • Widely used server-side language all across the web
  • Cross-platform,
  • Allows users to develop all types of web applications
  • Can be easily embedded in HTML files
  • Doesn’t need usage of a specific IDE to form apps
  • Fully open-source

Comparison between PHP and ASP.NET


C# has an edge over PHP when performance is the criterion. It is a clear technical win for .NET.


PHP is an open source language with a larger pool of web developers as compared to ASP.NET. Scalability

PHP is inherently quicker, the manner in which a large app behaves mostly relies on the way it was coded.


Both PHP as well as ASP.NET are powerful tools to deal with complex web-based applications. Selection of the language depends on the type of project, and OS you are working on, and your personal preferences as well.